Humanitarian/NGO Security Training

We provide security training for humanitarian organizations, NGO’s, and missionary organizations of all sizes across the globe.  Our Foreign Field Security Training (FFST) is organized into three levels, dependent upon organizational needs.  Each of our trainings is geared toward the individual group being trained, and we require consultation with organizations and draw upon our region-specific resources prior to training in order to fully understand the security training needs for the sessions.  Because each organization’s mission is different, and each location to which personnel are deploying faces different threats and security challenges, we adapt each training to the specific goals and challenges of the location and personnel being trained.

Security Risk Assessments

Sanctuary provides Site Surveys, Security Assessments, and Risk Assessments for individuals, organizations, locations, and endeavors.  These assessments take into account site-specific factors such as crime prevalence and trends, terrorism activity and organizations, healthcare availability and response infrastructure, and local atmospherics and attitudes towards organizations and personnel.  Focusing on areas of physical and design security, threat assessment, and vulnerability mitigation, these assessments contribute substantially to the duty-of-care standards and legal requirements set forth by many organizations for their travelling and deployed personnel.

Protective Security Services

Sanctuary offers Protective Security Services such as Executive Protection and Close Protection for both short-term and long-term clients.  Our Personal Security Operatives and Personal Security Teams are available across regions in Europe, Africa, and America and are able to travel to numerous additional locations as required.  Equipped with years of experience, the most up-to-date training, and background information on area and specific threats, our Protection Operatives and Teams provide the highest standard of personal protective services available.

Additionally, we provide Advance Site Evaluation and both temporary and long-term security for specific sites, venues, or locations.  For site and personal security services already in place, we provide best practice training and evaluation for these forces, working to ensure adherence to high standards of professionalism and integrity.

Emergency Response

We provide emergency response for areas within our direct reach for specified periods of time, and we are able to facilitate a rapid response and emergency evacuations for numerous additional locations.  In conjunction with our partner association, FocusPoint International, we put together contingency, emergency, and evacuation plans with our clients prior to any crises, ensuring that we are able to initiate a rapid response to unforeseen situations requiring immediate action for the safety and/or evacuation of personnel.  This service is often provided in conjunction with, and as an extension of, our Risk Assessment and Personal Security Services, ensuring the highest level of security for those at increased risk or under a high degree of threat.

Professionalization of National Security Forces Infrastructure

Sanctuary works together with police, security, and military forces to advance and optimize the quality of training and tactics provided for security forces personnel.  Currently working with three entities in developing nations, we emphasize advanced training in order to protect civilian lives and promote integrity and accountability in operations.  Using training, equipment, and internal reorganization, we work with government and non-governmental entities to advance security forces to international standards.

Post-Conflict Security Force Training and Development

When nations transition from a state of war to a state of post-conflict, the security forces in these nations also undergo a transition from war-time operations to nominal peace-time operations.  This transition requires an adaption, not only of tactics, but of ethos, and we provide materials, training, and consultation for this transition.  Currently working with Iraqi Security Forces to develop population-friendly protocols, tactics, and techniques in the post-conflict environment, Sanctuary works to protect both civilians and security forces during these difficult transition phases.

We specialize in keeping the impossible from happening. “He’s not safe, but he’s good.” – C.S. Lewis